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By simply acquiring the coverage you need, you can save money on dental and health insurance. Akini Financial Services Inc. offers dental and medical insurance, specialized protection, and improved optional add-ons.

Ultimate Healthcare Support

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You are aware of how quickly medical expenses can increase if your employer does not offer health and dental insurance. Government health plans do not cover costs for physiotherapy, massage therapists, dental treatment, vision care, prescription drugs, specialists, or acupuncture therapists, which would soon add up.

Our top-tier insurance plans close any gaps in protection. Because we offer additional coverage perks and options, you can choose a plan that provides benefits for the people you love and one that matches you.

Affordable, World-Class Premium Healthcare Insurance

If you are working, your health insurance might not cover the gaps that your current job does not.

Or maybe you are still on your parents’ plan when they retired or passed away. If that is the case, we can help you fill in those gaps with our customizable health insurance plans in Scarborough.

And do not worry—we have got 24/7 customer support to answer any questions you might have!

Akini Financial Services offers premier healthcare at your fingertips. We are your bridge to world-class healthcare plans that fill the gaps in coverage at a reasonable price.

Why Do You Need One?

Healthcare plans in provinces and territories typically cover certain health-related costs. However, there are often gaps that leave you with expensive medical bills. For example, if you get injured or sick, your current health policy may only cover a fraction of your total costs. Or you may not be covered at all. This could mean having to pay for various healthcare costs out of your pocket.

With health insurance, you will get reimbursement for health expenses. It includes medical, dental, and other healthcare costs that are not fully covered by your regular healthcare plan.

Get health insurance quotes today that suit your requirements.