Planning for the future

Estate Planning

You need more than a will to plan your estate
The costs of not planning for death can be high, even though most of us do not like to think about it. You may want to plan your estate to save money on taxes, avoid unnecessary stress for your family members, or take care of family heirlooms.
Having an estate plan in place lets you plan ahead how your money and property will be handled after your passing. Increasing your wealth will benefit those who will inherit from you, for example. The use of an estate plan can also help you reduce taxes when you pass away. However, the best way to create an estate plan is to do it before you die.
Planning an estate for a high net worth individual

A high-net-worth individual’s estate plan is even more crucial. Intergenerational wealth planning and complex estate planning tactics are more likely to be considered by those with substantial assets.

High-net-worth individuals may benefit from family trusts, estate freezes, and charitable foundations.

A family with a high net worth may also benefit from specific life insurance strategies.

Is it possible for me to do my own estate planning?

Despite the temptation, doing your own estate planning is not a good idea. The best estate plan should be left to professionals, especially for high-net-worth individuals with complex estates.

You can often save time and money by hiring an estate planning lawyer. Probate can also be avoided along with some of its hassles.

Your loved ones may be left with an unnecessary burden upon your passing if you fail to plan your estate properly.