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A comprehensive insurance policy can cover the needs of your family members.

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Keep your finances in order.

Adaptable coverage can keep your family protected.

  • A variety of coverage options are available to meet the needs of your family.

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  • Medical expenses can be covered by our health insurance.

  • Travel insurance is beneficial for long-term travellers.

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Keeping your financial health in check

Akini Finacial Services Ltd. provide a variety of insurance products and services to families, individuals, and businesses in and around Ajax. We deliver professional and timely financial security solutions to clients across Canada.

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Make money from insurance and keep your cash flow strong.


Our services are safe, hassle-free, transparent, and reliable.


Investors can rely on us for 100% commitment.


We follow ethical principles and adhere to our clients' specifications and requirements.

Life Insurance Ajax

Achieve Financial Security with Akini

Akini Financial Services is a leading provider of financial security and investment products and services In Ajax. We offer a wide range of life insurance plans, investment management, and brokerage services to help you build a strong financial future.

Team Of Experts

Our team of experts is here to help you plan for your financial future and find the right solutions for your needs. We offer tailored plans, 24/7 customer support, and a variety of coverage options to meet your unique needs.

Plan For Your Future

When you are working hard to make a living, it is easy to forget about your finances. But at Akini Financial Services, we believe that planning for future expenses is essential to your financial security—and that’s why we offer multi-line investment insurance, advice, products, and services to build strong financial security and strength.

Tailored Plans

We believe that everyone deserves a tailored plan that fits their needs and goals. We can help you find a plan that is right for you: from life insurance quotes to investment management and brokerage operations.

Since its foundation, Akini Financial Services has helped people build a secure financial future. We are proud to have helped thousands of people reach their financial goals.

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Assess your financial situation and goals comprehensively.


We offer investment and savings plans that can help you build wealth.


The money you invest in our digital transactions is safe and grows over time.


Throughout the years, we have provided round-the-clock support.

Team opinion

Having the opportunity to serve the towns of Ajax and its surrounding areas is a great privilege for our team. The service provided by Akini Financial Service Ltd. is impeccable. Choosing us is a great choice since we are simple, innovative, and reliable.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Life insurance can make your family financially secure when you pass away. It is used to pay your debts, pay for your funeral, and pay for your kid's education.

The life insurance amount you need would be a personal decision. The agent looks at your debts, assets, financial goals, personal situations, and family needs to provide you with suitable coverage.

Generally, life insurance works by spreading a large pool of financial risks among people who pay into a pool. Investing in it is like putting money into a safety net that will protect your loved ones and your investments. Eventually, you will be able to repay your debts.

Life insurance proceeds are tax-free when they are transferred to a beneficiary. Tax-free loans can be taken out against life insurance policies. Taxes apply to withdrawals from life insurance cash values.