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Akini Financial Services is in a unique position to comprehend the requirements of our clients. Because we are aware that your life and circumstances are unique compared to everyone else's. We know your budget and accommodate your needs. We are committed to providing you with the best service available and take our work seriously.

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Strong economic stability and expansion are priorities for us.


Our radically transparent business processes enable our customers to succeed.


We are committed to serving you and take our work seriously. We truly care for you.


The highest ethical and accountable standards are what we thrive to attain every day.

Life Insurance Toronto

Get Insured with Akini Financial Services

Akini Financial Services specializes in insurance and provides you with unique, customized policies in Toronto that fit your budget and help you achieve your goals.

Secure Your Future

Our wide array of options allows you to find the right life insurance plans for you, helping you secure yourself, your family, and your belongings in the best way possible.

Find The Perfect Policy for You

We provide personalized advice and guidance as well as life insurance quotes to make sure that you find the perfect policy for you that fits your budget. With Akini Financial Services, you can find the best way to insure yourself and ensure financial security.

Peace Of Mind

Akini Financial Services offers transparent business processes so that you can rest assured knowing that your finances are being managed efficiently and securely. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are taken care of.

Have a question about insurance in Toronto? Let our experts understand your requirements, budget, and situation for answering your questions to help you build a plan. Let’s connect!

Why People Choose Us?

Our Services


Planning ahead for your financial future with our insights


Invest in a pragmatic way, protect family and save on taxes.


Advanced technologies for fast & secure transactions digitally


Providing round-the-clock support in an always-on world.

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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us at Akini Financial Services Inc. Because of this, we want to periodically check in with our clients and get their feedback. We can identify the areas we are succeeding in and try our best to maintain delivering favorably in those areas when our clients provide us feedback.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially Non-Life Insurance is General Insurance. Other than life assets are offered protective coverage by it.

It is usually a good idea to purchase Health Insurance policies as early as possible because medical problems can happen at any time during life.

Travel insurance guarantees that you obtain complete peace of mind and are able to fully appreciate the excursion.

An endorsement is a record in writing of an accepted modification to the policy. It is a document that includes modifications to the policy's terms.